New Cars on the C line

Dec 12, 2008

The introduction of the R160s is finally making its presence felt in my commute. While none of the lines I regularly ride are getting any of the new cars, the C used to run entirely R38s, which are being retired. So, starting this week, I’ve been riding entirely on R40Ms and R42s (I can’t tell them apart), presumably relocated from the N, Q, W, and other lines that are getting the new 160s.

Interestingly, it seems like they haven’t quite gotten all their ducks in a row yet. The C has historically always run 8-car trains, but this week I’ve definitely run on at least one 10-car train and one 6-car train. I expect it will return to 8-car trains eventually, though (the C is a bit crowded at rush hour, but not painfully so).